Hey there!

I am so happy you are here and very grateful that I can share with you my story!

My name is Elena Soboleva. I am a certified Personal trainer and Nutritionist, Online Health coach and social media influencer.

I've been competing in a variety of fitness competition (NPC Bikini, Arnold model search, FSI)

But my main passion is to coach and help people to create a healthy lifestyle.

I have been an online personal trainer since  2014 and have worked with a large number of clients with a variety of goals.


My life's mission is to coach people  how to lose weight, get confidence and discover their inner BadAss

But let me tell you how I get to where I am now.

My story began far far away in cold and brutal Siberia.

Raised on a farm, growing chickens and milk cows, I never knew any better. I was very shy and unmotivated girl. Never fit the “Beauty standards”. Back then the standards were to be very skinny, showing bones. I was far away from that. Instead of accepting myself the way I am, It pushed me to start all kind of diets. It became an addiction and later I got anorexia. Latter after that for a whole year I had bulimia.  

When I turned 21 I had a chance to move to US, Florida. I was hoping it will change my life. But moving to a different country by myself, not knowing anyone, not having the money or not knowing the language, was a very challenging decision. 

I had to sleep on the beach, eat from a Dollar menu at McDonald. Working endless hours at the mall. Every day I wanted to give up, but I didn't. I refused to be the same little girl who is scared of the world and herself. 

Instead of running away I was running forward. And the first step I took was to start loving my body and take care of it. I started learning about food and nutrition. I was running outside at night because it was too hot to run during the day. And sooner after that, I decided to try herself In NPC bikini contest. I didn't know anything about fitness, but my desire to change and be better helped me. I prep myself for my first show and got an overall and 1st place. After that, I competed in two more NPC shows and won top 5. 

That's when my journey began. Not only  Fitness change my body, it helped me to grow mentally.

 It made me stronger, motivated and the most important don't give up on your goals and dreams. 

My other big dream was to live in the big city. And one day I bought a one-way ticket, sold my stuff and moved to Chicago. The city stole my heart.